Alimatic participates in the road shows of CEP

Alimatic participates in the road shows of CEP

Alimatic participates in the technical seminars as a part of the Roadshow organized by the CEP (Centro Español de Plásticos), in several Spanish cities – Alicante, Zaragoza and Vitoria – with the motto “How to improve our competitiveness and savings using smart technologies”.

Alimatic, in cooperation with recognized companies from different areas of the manufacturing industry as PolyOne Spain, Análisis y Simulación S.L., Branson Emerson, AGI Spain, the Spanish Center for Plastics and Itainnova, were involved on this technical seminar. More than 60 participants across Spain came and were able to experience, at first hand, the available innovations in the value chain of the plastics industry.

The Alimatic lecture was focused around four key thematic fields: traceability of consumption, saving methods, reduction of manufacturing costs and industry 4.0. The responsible for these presentations, during these three technical days were, Jordi Francisco, Sales Manager and Alex Revoltós, Managing Director of Alimatic

Our presentation had the main purpose to show how to implement the control and machine data recording systems regarding feed materials, in order to have their traceability and the reduction in consumption. A complete guide to support companies in the plastic field, in their development and innovation process within the framework of industry 4.0.

During the lecture, it was explained how a continuous measurement of the raw bulk material is carried out in the silos, using weighing cells, contact (blades) or guided wave radars.  In this way, the less the manipulation of this material handling the less losses there would be. It was also featured how a vacuum convey installation can be monitored as well as each transport line and alarm management systems.

In all this process it is also important the proper dosage of materials which is predetermined by the production machine. This correct dosage, will help us to minimize human errors and the loss of materials during their handling. furthermore, all data consumption of each material is captured through our software and registered in the database; from material reception & storage up to the feeding of the machine.

Finally, Alimatic stated that, “The key to achieve the maximum efficiency in operation and the highest productivity is the process integration”, as well as, data acquisition software’s are key tools for the total control of process parameters, productivity and performance.

For more information about this technical seminar days, please contact us in the contact section.

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