Indeed, behind every innovation, there are visionaries who see an opportunity within a longstanding problem. For Itsik Mann and Benjamin Cohen, co-founders of Ayal Robotics and Engineering Ltd., such an opportunity presented itself when

they encountered a recurring problem faced by their clients in the plastics industry. Many of these clients were conducting a manual sack emptying process. The workers would lift the heavy sacks and open them with blades, before emptying the pellets into a hopper. Not only was the usage of sharp objects a safety hazard, but when emptying the sacks, some of the contents often fell on the floor. These inefficiencies intrigued Mann and Cohen, and they searched far and wide for a robust solution that would help their clients, but without any luck. So, deciding to build one themselves, they went back to their design desks, put on their thinking hats, and for the next four years, immersed themselves in the R&D of their envisioned robotic solution. The result was an optimal automation system that addressed all sack emptying challenges in the most efficient and simple way possible….

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